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Norfolk The Jewel of Freedom

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The year is 1 SN, It has been just 8 months since the Shemarrian Declaration of Sovereignty was first decreed all over the surrounding territories. The North American Eastern Seaboard has become closed tight during that short 8 months not that there is much of a reason for most of the continents power nations to be out this way it is mostly wilderness with few farming villages and nomadic tribes. Their message to the world is as follows:

“For too long, we, the warriors of the Eastern Woods, have lived alongside those who do not respect our territorial boundaries. The skull men of the Coalition States, their servant hounds, the chrome clad sentinels from the North, the spell weavers of Lazlo, the pirates and minions of Atlantis, and all the other so-called kingdoms of the land have brought upon us slight after slight, as they tread, without restraint, upon the lands of our foremothers. They do as they please and have little regard for the people or the woodland. It stops today. All those who live in our domain shall suffer these injustices no more!
“The lands from the Eastern Wall to the ocean, from this day forward, are under Shemarrian supervision. No person, not even the noble Shemarrian, can own the pathless woods. but we proud Shemarrians are placing these woods under our protection. You may think of them as ours, now and forever.
“A thousand of your miles, or sixteen hundred of your kilometers, from the great swamps in the south to the banks of the Great River in the north, we measure as the Shemarrian Nation. Leave it alone. Do not interfere with our people or meddle in our affairs.
“Stay to your own lands and we will stay in ours. "Make no mistake, this is not a declaration of war. This is a declaration of sovereignty! Your nations have no claim to the lands where Shemarrians have tread for generations. We assert our claim, our rights, and our position, today. These coastal lands are the Shemarrian Nation. Respect our borders and our people, and we co-exist in peace, as it should be. We do not wish to wage war with our neighbors, but we will protect our people, our lands, and all who live among us in this great green woods. "This wilderness offers you nothing, so leave it and us be. You should be content to stay away, as you have no place here. Your place is on your side of the Eastern Wall and northern river. Ours is here. Keep things as they should be, and all shall be well between us. Do not send envoys or emissaries as we will only turn them away. If you come with fighting forces, they shall be slain. Try to establish a new settlement or city, or military camp, and they shall be destroyed. "People may travel through our lands. Individuals may fish and hunt, and enjoy the splendor of the woods, but they may not tame wildlife, enslave people nor take or damage the land. You may not settle here, nor plumb our lands for minerals, nor dump your waste here. We, the Shemarrian people, are the protectors of this land, the Shemarrian Nation, and those who defile and deface it shall face our wrath without mercy. "To the people with whom we have coexisted for generations: Those of you who live among us have nothing to fear. Do not be worried or discouraged, your existence is now a safer and joyous one under the protection of the Shemarrian Nation.
“We shall continue to coexist, in peace. Though it is not yours to own, you may continue to live on the lands you have settled. Know that you are allowed to live there by the grace of the Shemarrian Nation. Know that you must honor and respect our great forest and do nothing to destroy it, nor do anything to invite its destruction. Live in harmony with us and your surroundings, and you shall find the Shemarrian Warriors protect you as we do all things within our sovereign nation. Fear not the skull soldiers beyond the Eastern Wall nor their chromium brethren to the north, as we shall stand against them. Furthermore, we shall protect you from our mutual enemies, the Splugorth and Horune who come from the monster-filled seas beyond our lands. They are the enemy of the day, and every one of them that sets foot on our land shall be struck down where they stand. Sleep easy knowing that we keep the evil tide at bay, and that as long as Shemarrians have strength left in us, we shall push all slavers, destroyers and monsters back to the Hell from which they have crawled. "
With that the warrior chieftain bows her head and the video goes black."

Under this decree Norfolk has been allowed to continue its existence however Shemarrian emissaries visited the city and have named it the Jewel of freedom the kingdom shall remain to to take in the slaves freed by the Shemarrians.

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