Character Creation

Character Creation:

All Character rolls will be done during the first session which will be a character creation session as well as setting up the group this will help to create a nicely rounded group if everyone works together to round out the group. I am doing this in part so that people can have a developed place or role in the group.
Keep in mind that Norfolk is a kingdom cut off from most things for one with the declaration of Sovereignty large convoys and such over ground run risk of being turned back or destroyed by the Shemarrians leaving the Sea as the main route to receive supplies which means that up the St.Lawrence and then down the coast is the most direct route a long and dangerous trek.
As this game takes place in a wilderness zone cut off from much of the world i would prefer characters from this area so your background will be made from plot points like:
Freed Slave Citizen— You were freed from the clutches of a slaver group and brought to Norfolk.
Great Forest Born— You were born anywhere you like along the east coast in Shemarrian lands and have traveled to Norfolk in the hopes of a better life.
I am still creating and adding back grounds feel free to make suggestions

Attribute Rolls:
The system that i will be using is rolls assigned. For a regular human you would roll your 3d6 (no rolling an extra die and dropping the lowest, No dropping 1’s this is a basic average person game.)

Psionics outside your O.C.C.
I will be using the original rifts main book rules for those adding master psionics to their O.C.C. to see them Major Psionic Modifier

OCC List

Character Creation

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